Adonai Care Services Ltd has always been grown to meet the Healthcare needs of the people in the community and due to our recent growth, we are constantly seeking compassionate and reliable health care assistants.

We are always happy to recruit passionate and considerate assistants so that our team can grow with talented health care professionals.

Work responsibilities of health care assistants include;

Attending to morning calls and Afternoon Calls

Attending to Evening and Night Call

We also have day shifts, nights and Live In placement

If you are an enthusiast, seeking a rewarding career in health and social care, feel free to reach us to join our team and steadfast recruitment team will contact you and provide assistance for your job application.

Kindly download our employment application form from our website.

Why Should I apply to Adonai Care?

Adonai Care Services Ltd is a family-centered home care service provider. We value the needs of our clients as well as our recruited staff members. We present extensive career opportunities for health care enthusiasts. At Adonai Care Services Ltd, we also offer diplomas in health and social care services to boost the passion among those without experience to join and pursue health care profession.

At Which Area I Can Work?

Adonai Care office is located in Bournemouth, Ferndown, Poole and in Hampshire Area. However, we offer services in areas like Poole, Ferndown, and Hampshire. You can choose to work in the proximal region of the catchment to your home.

What Type of Work Shift Adonai Care Offer?

Adonai Care is expanding its services with the passing time. Although we offer flexible work shifts for our employees, including; Long-shifts, Short-shifts, Day-shifts, Night-shifts, Home-visits, Live-ins. Our recruits can choose suitable timings for their duties.

Adonai Care Hire Self-Employment With?

At Adonai Care, we offer employment to all our recruits. Once hired, you will be a part of our team. Although, you will be responsible for your own payroll and taxes